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List of products

   bone tap  
  acl femoral reamer cannulated flower tip 
  acl jig  
  acl tibia straight cannulated reamer 
  anchor screw introducer  
  angle guide adjustable  
  angle guide fix  qc  
  angle guide handle    
  awl  handle type   
  awl  t handle type   
  blade for skin grafting handle  
  bohler stirrup 
  bone awl cannulated for hummers tibia  
  bone awl curved radius 
  bone awl diamond pointed 
  bone awl with fiber handle  
  bone cutter 
  bone cutter double action  
  bone file  handle  
  bone grafting device  
  bone grafting punch  
  bone holding forceps 
  bone hook 
  bone levers / retractors / elevators  
  bone nibbler 
  bone nibbler  big  
  bone tap 
  bone tap   cannulated  
  bone tap q c          
  box punch  hollow chisel   
  bristow periosteal elevator  
  broken nail removal  
  burns bone holding forceps 
  burns bone holding forceps modified 
  c chain retractor with  blade  
  c retractor  right angle retractor  
  cage cutter  
  cage holder  
  cage introducer  
  cage pusher 
  cannulated reamer 
  capner gouge 
  catspaw retractor  
  centering sleeve for tap  
  centering sleeve for wrench  
  cerclage wire tighter  
  cervical plate holder  
  charnelys clamp pair  
  chisel fiber handle
  closed rod pusher  
  cobblers awl set of   
  cobs elevator 
  compression device Muller type  
  compression instrument  
  compressor curved  
  compressor straight  
  coring reamer        
  countersink with handle for     head  
  crutch field tong 
  dcp drill guide neutral & load 
  depth gouge  
  depth gouge with laser marking  with handle  
  derogation jig  
  dhs guide wire pusher  
  dhs plate holder  
  disc punch serrated 
  drill & tap sleeve combine 
  drill and screw gouge  
  drill bit container 
  drill bits 
  drill bits     
  drill bits   cannulated  
  drill guide  
  drill sleeve    drill sleeve  pointer  
  drill sleeve with handle 
  drilling size 
  dura retractor 
  electric plaster cutter with  blade  
  endoscopic cannulated reamer  
  esmarch rubber bandage 
  examination probe  
  extra chuck & key   
  extra hook  
  extra key  
  extractor for u staple  
  extractor pliers  vice grip   
  extractor rod  
  extractor with hook  
  farubenu's regime elevator 
  femoral aimer with offset 
  femoral distracter 
  fiber handle distal device with pin  
  fine osteotomes 
  flat probe  
  flexible reamer fix tip 
  flexible reamer shaft  for detachable   
  gardener wells traction tong  
  gelpi retractor 
  gigli saw handle  pair   
  gigli saw introducer  
  gigli saw wire imported
  gigli saw wire ordinary  
  gouge fiber handle 
  graft master board  
  guide sleeve  
  guide wire 
  guide wire   
  handle for cement retractor  
  handle for quick coupling  
  handle with chuck  
  head extractor  judet   
  head extractor judet  
  head gouge set  
  head impactor nylon faced  
  heygroves bone holding forceps 
  hip retractor curved hohman     
  hohman retractor 
  hollow mill set 
  hook  volkman  retractor  
  hook extra  
  hook scissor  
  impactor for ten nail  
  impactor with nylon faced  
  innie inserter  
  innie tighter  
  inserter for Coventry staple  
  inserter for u staple  
  instrument & implant box  
  instrument for arthroscopy  
  instrument for bipolar  
  instrument for cage  
  instrument for cervical spine  
  instrument for mini plates  
  instrument for plaster  
  instrument for spine  to  
  instrument for wire 
  instrument set for cyrus femur nail  
  instrument set for cyrus tibia nail  
  instrument set for interlocking humerus nail  
  instrument set for interlocking recon nail  
  instrument set for interlocking supracondylar nail  
  instrument set for interlocking tibia & femur  
  instrument set for PFN
  instruments for   cc screws  
  instruments for am prosthesis  
  instruments for dhs / dcs
  instruments for dhs / dcs  
  instruments for ender's nail  
  instruments for knail  
  instruments for modular bipolar  
  instruments for radius / ulna nailing  
  instruments for steffi screw  
  jig for philos lcp  
  Jones periosteal elevator st / curved  
  k nail extractor with hook  
  k nail gouge  drill & screw gouge   
  k nail guide wire 
  k nail hook extra  
  k nail impactor slotted  
  k nail impactor with pointed  
  k nail reamer   to    
  k wire bender  
  k wire bender / pliers / cutter ss  
  k wire container 
  k wire cutter circular  round type  
  k wire cutter t/c tip 
  k wire cutter t/c tip  imported   
  k wire introducer  
  k wire pliers simple     
  kerrison rongeur up / down  
  lacksell rongeur  
  laminectomy retractor followup blade 
  lanes bone holding forceps 
  lane's bone lever plain  
  lane's bone lever serrated  
  lever for radius / ulna  
  lock screw driver  
  Lowman bone clamp 
  mastoid retractor 
  measuring device  
  micro bone drill with chuck  
  mini dental drill with collet  
  mini depth gouge  
  mini lever for dental size    
  mini mesh bender  
  mini plate bender pliers type  with three pin   
  mini plate holding forceps  
  mini reconstruction plate bender  
  mini reconstruction plate cutter t/c tip  
  mini rowe's zygometic elevator  
  mini screw box with ss tray  
  mini screw driver  slot   
  mini screw holding forceps  
  mini self centering forceps  
  mini sleeve with pointer  
  mini williams screw driver  slot   
  mini wire cutter t/c tip  
  mitchell elevator st / curved  
  mono screw driver  
  Murphy skid  
  nail removal set  for any type of nail   
  nerve root retractor 
  olive wire bay not point
  one end bay not other end trocar point
  open gear bone drill with chuck  
  open rod pusher  
  ordinary screw driver     
  osteotomes / gouge / chisel  
  osteotomes fiber handle  st & cu 
  osteotomes ss handle  st & cu 
  patella bone holding forceps 
  pedical centralizer   no   
  pedical sound  
  periosteal elevator st / curved 
  plaster bender  
  plaster cutting scissor finger type  
  plaster cutting scissor with spring  
  plaster saw angle  
  plaster saw ordinary heavy  
  plaster spreader  
  plate & bone holding forceps  manis clamp  
  plate & bone holding forceps with slide 
  plate & bone holding forceps with tap & drill sleeve 
  plate bender  
  plate bending pair  
  plate bending pair big 
  plate bending press  
  pocket cutter  
  pointed drill guide  
  pointed impactor  punch   
  pointed impactor punch  
  pointed probe  
  poly screw driver  
  proximal reamer 
  quick coupling drill bits   all size  
  rasp with tomy bar  
  reaming bits  
  reconstruction plate bender  
  reduction forceps 
  reduction forceps with pointed 
  reduction screw breaker  
  rod / pin cutter   
  rod bender  
  rod hex holder  
  rod pin cutter   
  rod stabilizer  dtorck   
  roller type plate & rod bender  
  round hear  
  rush nail impactor / bender  
  screw box for Herbert screw  
  screw driver   cannulated  
  screw driver   cannulated  for interference screw   
  screw driver for      hex  ao type  
  screw holding forceps for  &    
  screw introducer  wrench   
  screw removal 
  self centering forceps 
  self holding screws driver     hex  
  simple rod holder  
  skin grafting handle  
  skin hook 
  slotted reamer  
  spanner ordinary 
  spine complete implants box  
  spine complete instrument box  
  spreader  distractor  curved  
  spreader  distractor  straight  
  square / rush nail reamer 
  square nail extractor handle type    to     
  square nail extractor pliers type  
  staple driver  
  starter for u staple      
  steffi awl  
  steffi screw distractor  
  steffi screw tap 
  steffi spanner   &     no  
  straight awl  
  straight reamer  
  t handle with chuck  
  t handle with qc for bone tap  
  tap for dhs screw  
  tap for dhs screw  qc   
  tap guide  
  tap sleeve with handle 
  Teflon tube  
  tissue protector 
  tomy bar 
  trial cup   to    total  no each rs    
  trial stem  
  triple action reamer 
  triple action reamer  qc  
  tube rod bender  
  tubElAr rod           per inch
  tubular guide  
  Tudor Edward bone cutter '   
  tunnel dilator solid and cannulated 
  tunnelor with fiber handle  
  universal bone drill with chuck  
  vice grip  rod clamp   no  
  williams screw driver     hex / slot  
  wire cutter / pliers  imported    
  wire passer 
  wire tightened with handle and two pegs  
  wire twister  graduated   
 anchor guide sleeve  
 anchor pointer   
 anchor screw driver  
 angle blade plates for adults blade u profile
 angled retractor
 anti version instrument  
 awl for elastic nail  
 awl with t  handle cannulated  
 bandage cutting scissor  
 beveled tamp  
 bipolar trial stem  ss narrow stem  
 bipolar trial stem ss standard stem  
 bone awl with eye dia   
 bone curette double ended  
 bone curette left
 bone cutting forceps  curved (double action)   
 bone cutting forceps  straight (double action)   
 bone file flat    
 bone file half round  pointed  
 bone hammer  
 bone holding forceps / clamps 
 bone hook  large  
 bone hook  medium  
 bone levers / retractors / elevators  
 bone nibbler  angular (double action)   
 bone nibbler  straight (double action)   
 bone spreader   
 box punch  hollow chisel   
 bristows retractor  
 burn bone holding forceps  
 burns bone curette with fiber handle size    
 cannulated awl for femur  nails  
 cannulated conical bolt for femur s   
 cannulated conical bolt for tibia  
 cannulated connecting screw for dhs/dcs  
 cannulated counter sink q c dia   
 cannulated cutter  dia length   
 cannulated drill bit   
 cannulated drill bit   dia x  length  
 cannulated drill bit  /  length  plain shank  
 cannulated drill bit  /  length  q c end  
 cannulated drill bit  /  length  qc end  
 cannulated extractor set  
 cannulated extractor set for cannulated  nails  
 cannulated hexagonal screw driver     
 cannulated proximal reamer   
 cannulated quick coupling tap handle with fiber handle  
 cannulated reamer   
 cannulated rigid reamers dia   
 cannulated tap  dia  
 cannulated tap  q c  
 cannulated tap with t  handle   
 centering pin  dia length   
 centering sleeve for dhs tap  
 centering sleeve for dhs tap  pediatric  
 centering sleeve for dhs wrench  
 centering sleeve for dhs wrench  pediatric  
 centering sleeve for kwire   
 chisel with fiber handle size    
 combined screw box for    interlocking bolts with screw tray & screw 
 compression connection screw  
 compression device for uhn  
 condylar buttress plate    /
 conical bolt  
 conical bolt  straight thread  tpi  
 conical bolt  tapered thread  tpi  
 conical extraction reamer (for removal of broken nails)  for    nails  
 conical extraction screw (for removal of damage hax head of screw)
 conical extraction screw (for removal of damage hax head of screw) 
 connecting bolt for utn nail  
 connecting screw for uhn  
 connecting screw for uhn cannulated  stainless steel  
 counter sink qc end  head (for   &  screws)  
 counter sink qc end  head (for  &  screws)  
 counter sink with t  handle   head ( for   &  screws)  
 counter sink with t  handle   head ( for  &  screws)  
 coupling block for uhn extraction  
 coupling block with round sleeve  
 coupling block with square sleeve  
 coupling screw for inserting dhs screw  
 coupling screw for inserting dhs screw pediatric  
 dcp drill guide for  screws ( drill bit)  
 dcs angle guide  
 dcs triple reamer  
 deg condylar plates for adults, blade u profile
 deg condylar plates for small adults and adolescents, blade t profile
 deg dcs plates dcp holes
 detachable slide hear  gms  
 dhs angle guide   deg  pediatric  
 dhs angle guide  º  
 dhs impactor  
 dhs impactor  pediatric  
 dhs tap  
 dhs tap  pediatric  
 dhs triple reamer  pediatric  
 dhs triple reamer  short reamer  
 dhs tripple reamer  
 dhs/dcs implant box with three trays for dhs/dcs screws & plates  
 dhs/dcs instruments box with graphic  
 dhs/dcs wrench for one step insertion  
 diamond pointed bone awl  
 dimensional bone plates rectangular segments
 dimensional bone plates square segments
 direct measuring device  ss  
 direct measuring device  ss pediatric  
 direct measuring device ss  
 direct measuring device ss length   
 distractor  double hole    
 distractor  single hole    
 double drill sleeve  /  
 double drill sleeve /  
 double hook retractor  
 drill & tap sleeve combined  /  
 drill bits   ss all size  
 drill bits all size  
 drill guide with stop / with two inserts  
 drill sleeve  / dia  
 drill sleeve  for distal hole  
 drill sleeve /  dia  
 drill sleeve / dia  
 drill sleeve for  cannulated drill bit  
 driving head  
 dynamic  compression plate     small
 esmarch rubber bandage (blue color) 
 esmarch rubber bandage (blue color)  
 extra chuck & key   
 extra long screw driver    
 extraction rod with here for pliers  
 extraction sleeve for utn nail  
 extractor for Coventry staple  
 extractor rod  
 extractor set containing two items (ram & rod)  
 extractor with hook  
 f  tool  
 femoral extractor with two hooks  
 fiber handle     
 finger saw  
 flat nose pliers  
 flexible reamer shaft  dia fixed head  
 flexible reamer shaft fixed head  dia  
 flexible reamer shaft fixed head  dia     
 flexible reamer shaft for detachable head  to   
 flexible reamer shaft for detachable head up to   
 gelpi retractor large    
 gelpi retractor medium    
 gelpi retractor small    
 general instrument  
 gigli saw handle  pair  
 gigli saw introducer  
 gigli saw wire  fine (imported)  
 gigli saw wire  ordinary  
 gouge with fiber handle      
 gouge with fiber handle  curved size    
 graphic box for delta set (tibia & femur)  
 guide wire  dia   length  
 guide wire  x  length  
 guide wire for k nail  for  &  nails  
 guide wire introducer with four pegs  
 guide wire sleeve for   
 guide wire sleeve for   pointer   
 guide wire sleeve for  wire  
 guiding block for lcp  distal femur plate / left  
 guiding block for lcp  distal femur plate / right  
 hammer nylon face  one sided  
 handle for extractor  
 handle qc for  &  taps  
 handle with quick coupling  pediatric  
 head extractor judder  
 head gouge set  
 head impactor nylon faced  
 hear guide  
 hear unit  jig  extractor rod  round hear  
 hear unit with nut  protection sleeve  
 hex nut for connecting screw for uhn  
 hexagonal screw driver    
 hexagonal screw driver cannulated for  &  bolts ()  
 hexagonal screw driver with self holding sleeve    
 hexagonal screw driver with sleeve    
 hohmann retractor  wide  length  
 hohmann retractor  wide long narrow   length  
 hohmann retractor  wide narrow   length  
 hohmann retractor  wide short narrow   length  
 hohmann retractor  wide short narrow point  length  
 hohmann retractor  wide with long wide   length  
 hohmann retractor  wide with wide   length  
 holding clip  
 holding device for  drill sleeve  
 hollow mill for  &  screws  
 hollow mill large for  &  screws  
 hollow mill medium for  screws  
 hollow mill small for drill bits  
 hollow reamer for removal of damage screw  large for  &  screw  
 hollow reamer for removal of damage screw  medium for  &  screw  
 hollow reamer for removal of damage screw  small for  &  screw  
 hook for extraction of bipolar stem  
 impactor  extractor for bipolar prosthesis  
 impactor  nylon faced  
 impactor  nylon faced large   
 impactor / extractor for utn & uhn  
 impactor / extractor handle  
 initial incision retractor with weight & chain  
 insert drill sleeve   
 inserter for elastic nail  
 insertion handle for utn nail  
 insertion handle º for utn nail  
 instrument box for  fragment instrument set  
 instrument box for Austin moore prosthesis instrument set  
 instrument box for bipolar instrument set  
 instrument box for cyrus femur instrument set  with screw tray   
 instrument box for cyrus tibia instrument set  with screw tray   
 instrument box for dhs instrument set  
 instrument box for general instrument set  
 instrument box for humerus instrument set  with screw tray   
 instrument box for mini implant & instrument set  
 instrument box for modular  
 instrument box for modular instrument set  
 instrument box for pfn / tfn instrument set  with screw tray   
 instrument box for recon instrument set  with screw tray   
 instrument box for ring fixator  ilizarow  stainless steel  
 instrument box for spine implant set  
 instrument box for spine instrument set  
 instrument box for ten nail / external fixator instrument set  
 instrument box for tibia / femur instrument set  with screw tray   
 instrument box length   
 instrument box with two trays  length   
 instrument box with two trays length   
 instrument for arthroscopy 
 instrument for elastic nails  
 instrument for plaster 
 instrument for screw
 instrument for spine surgery 
 instrument for spine surgery  
 instrument for tiff cage  
 instrument for wire 
 instrument set for bipolar 
 instrument set for cage 
 instrument set for cervical spine
 instrument set for elastic nail 
 instrument set for ender's nail 
 instrument set for k nail 
 instrument set for mini plates 
 instrument set for modular bipolar ¦ 
 instrument set for spine ¦ 
 instrument set for tiff cage ¦ 
 instruments  staple  
 instruments box for pfn & tfn nails  
 instruments for   
 instruments for   cc screws  
 instruments for amp prosthesis 
 instruments for dhs / dcs 
 instruments for dhs / dcs  qc 
 instruments for radius /ulna nailing ¦ 
 instruments for staple ¦ 
 instruments for steffi screw 
 judder auger extractor  
 k nail driver  
 k nail extractor with two hooks  
 k nail measuring gauge  
 k nail reamer dia   
 k nail setting device  
 kirsches wire with trocar   dia  length  
 knurled nut  
 kwire bender  
 lagenback retractor  large  
 lagenback retractor  medium  
 lagenback retractor  small  
 lane bone holding forceps with ratchet   
 lane bone holding forceps without ratchet   
 lane bone lever  plain  large  
 lane bone lever  plain  small  
 lane bone lever  serrated  
 large cannulated hexagonal screw driver       
 large depth gauge  
 large depth gauge for  bolts  
 large distractor for tibia & femur  
 large hexagonal screw driver    
 large neutral & loaded drill guide  
 large plate bender  pair  
 large screw box with screw tray & screw holding forceps for  cortical  
 large screw tray with sliding top with screw holding forceps for  cortical  & 
 lcp bending iron for reconstruction plate (use in pairs) for  &  lcp plate  
 lcp centering sleeve for k wire   
 lcp drill sleeve  for  drill bit  
 lcp drill sleeve  for drill bit   
 lcp guide sleeve for  k wires  
 lcp universal drill guide   
 lcp universal drill guide /  
 limited  contact  dynamic  compression  plate      
 locking calcaneal plate  plate
 locking cancellous  
 locking one third tubular plate
 locking pliers for elastic nail  
 locking pliers large  
 long coupling screw for dhs screw removal  
 long coupling screw for dhs screw removal  pediatric  
 malleoler screw  
 measuring gauge for prosthesis set of ten ( to )  
 micro hand drill with ss gears  
 micro open hand drill with ss gears  
 mini chisel size    
 mini depth gauge  
 mini gouge size    
 mini hexagonal screw driver with sleeve long  
 mini hohmann retractor size    
 mini neutral & loaded drill guide  for  drill bit  
 mini osteotome size    
 mini periosteal elevator  
 mini plate & bone holding forceps  
 mini plate bender  pair  
 mini plate holding forceps  
 mini reduction forceps pointed  
 mini reduction forceps serrated  
 mini screw driver shaft   with self holding sleeve  
 mini screw holding forceps for  &  screws  
 mini self retaining retractor for fingers  
 mini self retaining retractor for metacarpals  
 mini self retaining retractor for metacarpals with hinge  
 moore hollow chisel  
 moore hollow chisel with fiber handle  extra large  
 moore hollow chisel with fiber handle  standard  
 Murphy lane bone skid  
 Murphy skid  
 osteotome / gouge / chisel 
 osteotome with fiber handle      
 osteotome with fiber handle  curved size    
 other instrument
 parallel wire guide  
 patella bone holding forceps four prong  
 patella bone holding forceps three prong  
 patella holding forceps three prong
 pcl jig  
 pelvic reduction forceps
 pelvic reduction forceps large 
 pelvic reduction forceps length with pointed ball s speed lock  
 pelvic reduction forceps long with pointed ball s length speed lock  
 pelvic reduction forceps long with three pointed ball s length speed 
 pelvic reduction forceps oblique small length with pointed ball s 
 pelvic reduction forceps oblique small length with pointed ball s speed 
 pelvic reduction forceps small for screws length use with  and  
 pelvic reduction forceps with angled pointed ball s length speed lock  
 pencil reamer  for bipolar prosthesis  
 periosteal elevator  curved   
 periosteal elevator  straight   
 pfn / tfn guide wire sleeve  (for  bolt)  
 pfn \ tfn tap  dia  
 pfn jig proximal & distal locking   deg  
 pfn jig proximal & distal locking   deg angle  
 pin wrench  
 plaster cutter  
 plaster opener  daws  
 plaster saw Bergman  
 plaster saw Engel  
 plaster saw heavy handle  
 plaster shear  bohler  
 plaster shear  gays  
 plaster shear  stilles  
 plaster spreader  
 plastic medullary tube  
 plate bender for  reconstruction plates  
 plate bender for reconstruction plates for  plate  
 plate bending pliers roller type  
 plate bending press  
 pliers cum wire bender  
 pliers cum wire bender cum wire cutter    
 pointed drill guide with  tap sleeve &  insert drill sleeve  
 pointed impactor punch  
 projectile reamer  
 protection sleeve  /  dia  
 protection sleeve  / dia  
 protection sleeve  dia  
 protection sleeve /  
 protection sleeve /  dia  
 protection sleeve / dia  
 protection sleeve for cannulated cutter length   
 protection sleeve for cannulated proximal reamer  
 protection sleeve for proximal reamer   
 proximal & distal locking device  
 proximal cum distal zig femur fixed angle  ss  
 proximal cum distal zig femur fixed angle  titanium  
 proximal cum distal zig for tibia fixed angle ss  
 proximal cum distal zig tibia fixed angle  titanium  
 proximal femoral nail pfn type
 proximal zig  
 proximal zig for femur  
 proximal zig for tibia  
 qc handle for mini screw driver shaft & taps  
 quick coupling adaptor for drill bits  
 quick coupling drill bits   all size  
 quick coupling handle fiber handle  
 quick coupling handle type  
 quick coupling tap handle  long t  type  
 rasp for Austin moore narrow stem  
 rasp for Austin moore standard stem  
 rasp for Thompson narrow stem  
 rasp for Thompson standard stem  
 rasp with tomy bar  s m l each rs    
 rasp with tomy bar for bipolar prosthesis  narrow stem  
 rasp with tomy bar for bipolar prosthesis  standard stem  
 reamer  perthes cm  
 reamer for  pfn / ten bolt  
 reamer head   
 reaming rod  plain for nails length   
 reaming rod  with stopper for  nails length   
 reaming rod plain  x  length  
 reaming rod with stopper  x  length  
 reduction forceps  pointed ratchet lock    
 reduction forceps  pointed speed lock    
 reduction forceps  serrated ratchet lock    
 reduction forceps  serrated speed lock    
 right angle retractor  
 sc bone awl with alluvium handle st / cu  
 sc tunnel plug solid & cannulated  
 screw & instrument box 
 screw box  for  &  locking head screw  
 screw box combined with large & small screw tray and screw holding forceps for 
 screw box for  cannulated cancellous screws with screw tray instrument tray 
 screw box for  cannulated cancellous screws with screw tray with screws 
 screw box for  interlocking bolts with screw tray & screw holding forceps  
 screw box for  locking head screw  
 screw driver  in   
 screw driver shaft qc end    
 screw holding forceps  
 screw removal forceps with ratchet lock  
 self centering bone holding forceps   
 self retaining retractor large   long  
 self retaining retractor medium   long  
 self retaining retractor small   long  
 sharp hook  
 skin hook  single pronged  
 skin hook  three pronged  
 skin hook  two pronged  
 sleeve for pointed drill guide 
 slide hear for k  nail extractor set  
 slotted hammer  
 slotted hear  
 slotted reamer  for bipolar prosthesis  
 small depth gauge  
 small distractor for tibia  
 small fragment instrument box with two trays for instruments & one tray for screws 
 small hexagonal screw driver    
 small neutral & loaded drill guide  
 small plate bender  pair  
 small screw box with screw tray & screw holding forceps for  cortical  
 socket wrench   
 spanner stainless steel    
 spare chuck & key for small drill machine  
 spare chuck for drill machine  
 spare hook for extractor  
 spare hook for k nail extractor  
 spare key for drill machine  
 spare key for t handle  
 standard tamp   
 Steinmann pin holder  extra large    
 Steinmann pin holder  large    
 Steinmann pin holder  medium    
 Steinmann pin holder  small    
 Steinmann pin introducer with ss chuck & key  
 sterilization box for fixed head flexible reamers with two trays ss l   w  
 sterilization box for flexible reamers with detachable heads  
 sterilization box for interlocking nails removal set ss  
 sterilization tubes for wires nails pins & drill bits length   
 straight reamer  
 supping driver  
 suture puller with loop  
 t  handle with quick coupling  
 t  plate/t  buttress plate/oblique plate/l plate  
 t  wrench    
 tap sleeve   
 tapered reamer  for bipolar prosthesis  
 tfn jig proximal & distal locking   deg angle  
 threaded guide wire   
 threaded guide wire    
 threaded guide wire  dia  
 threaded guide wire  x   
 threaded guide wire dia  length   
 tissue protector  
 tomy bar  
 torque limiting screw driver    (for  locking screws)  
 trial ball    small each rs    
 trial cup  for dia   
 trial cup  to   total  no each rs    
 trial cup for dia   
 trial cup holder  
 trial stem  small each rs    
 triple drill guide for  wires  
 trocar   dia  
 trocar  dia  
 tuder Edward bone cutting forceps  
 uhn depth gauge  
 universal bone drill with ss gears  
 universal femur interlocking nail                            
 universal open hand drill with ss gears  
 variable angle guide angle 
 volkman retractors five prong  
 volkman retractors four prong  
 volkman retractors three prong  
 volkman retractors two prong  
 wire cutter double action length   
 wire passer  large  
 wire passer  medium  
 wire passer  small  
 wire tighter cum twister  
 wire tighter with two pegs  
 wrench  cannulated  
 wrench for dhs screw  pediatric  
 wrench for dhs screws  
& screws holding forceps 
/ ring
0 deg angle blade plates for adults
0 deg angle blade plates for small adults and adolescents
absorbable interference screw  
acetabular cup  
acetabular reaming system  
acl reconstruction system  
acl screws  
amputation saw
amputation saw  
amputation saw fiber handle     
anatomical type external fixator
angle blade plate for intertrochanteric femoral osteotomE
angle blade plate for intertrochanteric femoral osteotomE in infants
angled blade plate instrument set
angled blade plates  
angled blade plates for intertrochanteric femoral osteotomE
angled blade plates for intertrochanteric osteotomE
angled reconstruction plate mm
angular plates mm 0 deg
ankle braces  
ankle joint external fixator
ankle support  
ante grade femoral nail (afn)
ante grade femoral nail (afn) instrument set
anterior convergent plate (Orion type), titanium
arch bar, length 0cm
artificial hip joints  
artificial limbs  
Austin moore / Thompson hip prosthesis small/broad/narrow regular non sterile
Austin moore hip prosthesis
Austin moore hip prosthesis - long stem regular finish
Austin moore hip prosthesis - regular finish
Austin moore hip prosthesis extra wide stem width 00mm
Austin moore hip prosthesis -long straight stem
Austin moore hip prosthesis with modified slot regular finish
Austin moore hip prosthesis with taper ball
Austin moore hip prosthesis, full stem, satin finish
Austin moore hip prosthesis-with slot in stem regular finish
Austin moore prosthesis  
Austin moore prosthesis with slot satin finish
Austin moore prosthesis, standard, step head satin finish
awl for elastic nail
bandage cutting scissor
Beckmann adson retracr
Beckmann adson retractor
bender for hart shell
bipolar hip prosthesis
bipolar hip prosthesis  
bipolar hip prosthesis long stem
bipolar hip prosthesis polished stem
Blount knee retracr
Blount knee retractor
bone & plate holding forceps
bone and plate holding force for large plate
bone and plate holding forceps mall plate
bone and plate holding forceps mani type
bone awl
bone awl  
bone awl  tissue protector  proximal reamer    
bone awl with eye
bone awl with eye for passing wire in bone
bone awl with fiber handle
bone chisel  
bone clamp  
bone curette
bone curette double ended,sizes,m,l
bone curettes
bone cutter  
bone cutting forceps
bone cutting forceps - curved (double action)
bone cutting forceps - straight (double action)
bone cutting forceps double action st/cur  
bone cutting instruments  
bone drills  
bone file
bone file  
bone file flat   
bone file pointed 
bone file with fiber handle  
bone hammer nylon faced
bone hammers
bone hear nylon faced 
bone holding forceps
bone holding forceps  
bone holding forceps for tibial edge  fragment
bone holding forceps set
bone hook small 
bone hooks
bone hooks large
bone hooks medium
bone hooks small
bone lengthening external fixator
bone levers
bone levers plain lanes type large 
bone levers plain lanes type medium 
bone levers plain lanes type small 
bone levers serrated jaw 
bone nails  
bone nibbler  
bone nibbler - angular (double action)
bone nibbler - curved (double action)
bone nibbler - straight (double action)
bone pin  
bone plates  
bone prosthesis  
bone pusher
bone retractors Bristow’s retractor
bone rongeur  
bone saw  
bone scoop single ended  fiber handle  
bone screw for anterior convergent plate dia mm, titanium
bone screws  
bone spreader
bone spreader 
bone spreader  
bone tap  
bone tap cannulated
bone tap handle quick coupling end
bone taps - quick coupling end
bone taps with t-handle
Bristow retracr
burns bone curette with fiber handle small/medium/large///
burn's bone holding forceps
burn's bone holding forceps 
bushing washer
c bone tap cannulated for Herbert  screw
c drill bits   ss cannulated  for Herbert screw     
c drill bits   ss cannulated  for pf lcp plate     
cacellous &  cancellous screws 
cage, titanium
calceneal plate
cancellous front threaded pin dia mm
cancellous screw full thread dia 0 mm
cancellous screws  
cancellous screws 0mm dia full thread
cancellous screws 0mm dia short thread
cancellous screws dia   
cancellous screws dia     thread/  thread/fully threaded
cancellous screws dia   –paritally threaded/fully threaded
cancellous screws dia 0mm, mm thread
cancellous screws mm dia
cancellous screws mm dia, full thread
cancellous screws mm dia, mm thread
cancellous traction screw dia mm
cannulated cancellous screw full thread dia  mm
cannulated cancellous screw full thread dia 0mm
cannulated cancellous screw full thread dia mm
cannulated cancellous screw short thread dia  mm
cannulated cancellous screw short thread dia mm
cannulated cancellous screw thread mm dia mm
cannulated canellous screw 
cannulated counter sink    head
cannulated counter sink  for  cannulated screw
cannulated countersink  
cannulated drill bit - ss (plain shank, Jacob chuck end)
cannulated drill bit - ss (quick coupling end)
cannulated drill bit *
cannulated reamer   
cannulated reaming system  
cannulated screw box for  and 
cannulated screw dia mm, self-drilling, fully threaded
cannulated screw dia mm, self-drilling, thread mm
cannulated screw driver  tip
cannulated screw driver tip
cannulated screws  
cannulated screws dia   – fully threaded
cannulated screws dia  –partially threaded/fully threaded
cannulated socket wrench      
cannulated tap with t handle 
cannuleted bolt     
canola fixators  
canulated awl for humerus with guide wire   
capner's gouge
capner's gouge straight/curved/deep curved
carbon / ring (adult)
carbon / ring pediatric
carbon / rings (adult)
carbon / rings (veterinary)
carbon / rings pediatric
carbon connecting plates (long adult)
carbon connecting plates (long pediatric)
carbon connecting plates (short adult)
carbon connecting plates (short pediatric)
carbon foot ring (adult)
carbon foot ring (pediatric)
carbon full rings (adult)
carbon full rings (veterinary)
carbon half rings (adult)
carbon half rings (pediatric)
carbon hybrid / rings
carbon Italian arch 0 degree
carbon rods / inches diameter
carbon rods mm diameter
cast padding
catspaw retracr
cc screw  
ccscrew driver 
centering sleeve for tap
centering sleeve for wrench
centrally threaded Steinman pin
cerclage wire with loop
cervical bone screw  
cervical cage  
cervical spine plate * 
cervical spine plates  
charnley 's compression clamp
charnley's compression clamp
chin plates
chisel guide
chisel with fiber handle ,,,,,
chisel,osteomes,gougesfibre handle
chisels with fiber handle
circlage wire tighter
clamp deluxe  double pin
clamp deluxe  single pin
clamp mini  
clamp ordinary
clamps for threaded rod  large
clamps for threaded rod  small
clavicle collar plate
clavicle hook plates
clip washer
clover leaf  plate  
cloverleaf plate  
cloverleaf plate  with locking system
cloverleaf plates
cobra head plate
cobra head plates
cobra head plates  
cobs elevar,,
cobs elevator
col de cygne
combination wrench
condlyar plate guide
condylar buttress plate  
condylar buttress plates
condylar plate  
condylar plate instrument set
condylar plate locking
condylar/angled blade plate instruments
conical washer pair
connecting bolt  nut
conventary staple extract
conventary staple impact OR
conventary staple inserter
conventry staple small/medium/large
cortex screw dia  for locking plate with locking head
cortex screw dia mm, self-tapping
cortex screws  
cortical cannulated screw mm dia - full thread
cortical cannulated screw mm dia - short thread
cortical screws  
cortical screws  mm dia
cortical screws dia   self tapping
cortical screws dia  mm self tapping
cortical screws dia  self tapping
cortical screws dia 0mm self tapping
cortical screws dia mm self tapping
cortical screws mm dia
cortical screws, 0mm dia, mini
cortical screws, mm dia, mini
cotton crepe bandages
counter sink
counter sink      head quick coupling
counter sink   for     screws
counter sink   for  ,     screws 
coupling screw for inserting dhs screw
cranio-orbital distractor with rigid spanner
crepe bandage
crutch field
crutch field  two burrs
crutch field enlarge
crutch field medium
crutch field tong with two burrs
curved plates 0mm
cwasher holding forceps
d polyaxial external fixator
d toothed ring external fixator
d toothed ring type
dcp  broad with locking system
dcp  narrow with locking system
dcp  small with locking system
dcp plates  
dcs angle guide
dcs barrel plates  
dcs plate double angle
dcs triple reamer
den hem pin
den hem pin   dia length  
den hem pin  dia length  
depth gauge  large interlocking nail
depth gauge  medium
depth gauge  small
depth gauge pfn  bone awl  tissue protector  
depth gauge t & f  bone awl  tissue protector  
dhs / dcs instrument set
dhs angle guide /  /  /  / 
dhs barrel plates dcp holes - short barrel mm
dhs barrel plates dcp holes, barrel length mm
dhs instruments
dhs instruments 
dhs plates  
dhs set  
dhs triple reamer
dhs trochanter stabilizing plate
dhs/dcs compression screw
dhs/dcs plate/condlylar plate/angled plate dcp s / round   short  long barrel
dhs/dcs screw
dhs/dcs screws with compression screws short thread  /long thread  
diamond pointed awl
diamond pointed cannulated awl
direct measuring device
direct measuring gauge
disc forceps
disc forceps downward
disc forceps straight
disc forceps upward
distal femoral nail (dfn) instruments set
distal femur anatomical plate
distal humer external fixator
distal medial humerus  locking
distal radius external fixator
distal radius fragment external fixator
distal tibia external fixator
distal tibial fragment external fixator
distracr double  for arms
distracr finger
distracr large tibia
distracr single  for arms
distraction/compression assembly         heavy
dorso lateral with lateral support
double "y" shape plates 0mm
double drill sleeve /
double ended 
double hook retracr
double hook retractor
double lateral external fixator for tibia and fibula
double prong straight & curved 
double prong with bolt tip straight & curved 
double y shape plates mm
doyen's rib shearer
drill bit  
drill bit - ss (plain shank, Jacob chuck end)
drill bit - ss (quick coupling end)
drill bit *
drill bit cannulated drill bit plain
drill bit quick coupling 
drill bit quick coupling end
drill bit super quality 
drill bit with stopper for locking screws
drill bits  
drill bits    
drill bits cannulated drill bit quick coupling end
drill bits plain
drill sleeve            
drill sleeve     guide wire sleeve for   
drill sleeve    pointer  handle wrench  
drill sleeve    pointer  spanner  
drill sleeve   drill sleeve   pointer  
drill sleeve  tap sleeve combined /
drill sleeve for   drill bit
drill sleeve with sp 
drill sleeve with sp/ with two insert
drill sleeve/tap sleeve/guide
drummer's wire
dura elevar
durer elevator
dynamic compression plate  
dynamic compression plate       broad
dynamic compression plate     narrow 
dynamic compression plate   /  extra small 
dynamic compression plates (dcp)
dynamic hip screw (dhs)  
eco cage  
elastic nail
elbow braces  
elbow external fixator
elbow fragment external fixator
elbow plate
electric bone drill  
electric bone drill machine 
electric bone drill machine with forward and rivers movement with speed regular
electric bone saw  
electric plaster cutter  
electric plaster cutting saw pvc body with  blade
ender nail
ender nail awl 
ender nail bending late
ender nail extract
ender nail impacr ,
ender nail twister
ender nails  
endo button stand 
endrus nail
esmarch rubber bandage
expandable cage, titanium
external fixars
external fixator - forearm & metacarpals
external fixators  
external mandible distractor
external mandible distractor with threaded pins
extra blade for plaster cutter
extra burr for crutch field ng
extracTOR rod  ram rod 
extractor rod  round hear  
extractor rod  round hear  protection sleeve  
extractor rod round hear  protection sleeve   
extractor set
extractor with two hooks
facet hook
femoral nail  
femoral nail instruments set
femur intertrochanteric oblique external fixator
femur nail  
femur nailing system, reamed low distal holes
femur shaft external fixator
Fergusson bone holding forceps
fibula holding forceps
fibula holding forceps straight/curved
finger saw
firm-locking clavicle hook plate 
flat nose pliers
flexible angle guide  adjustable
flexible reamer  
flexible reamer shaft detachable head
flexible reamer shaft fixed head   
flexible reamers with detachable heads 
forearm external fixator, radius, ulna
front threaded pin - mm - blunt tip
front threaded pins
front threaded pins (shanz screws)
full rings
full rings :   
Gardner - wells traction tongs
Gardner wills traction ng skull traction
gelpi retracrCOR  
gelpi retractor 
gelpi retracTOr large  
general instruments set
general unilateral external fixator
gigli saw  
gigli saw dlx
gigli saw handle                 pair
gigli saw handle (in pair)
gigli saw introducer
gigli saw wire
gigli saw wire                 imported
gigli saw wire                 ordinary
gouge with fiber handle st/cur ,,,,  
gouges with fiber handle - curved
gouges with fiber handle - straight
guide shaft for coupling screw
guide shaft for coupling screw    
guide wire
guide wire 
guide wire    
guide wire   dia length 
guide wire  dia length 
guide wire *
guide wire for inter  locking
guide wire for inter locking   length  cm bal tip
guide wire for inter locking   length  cm plain
guide wire for k nail , 
guide wire for knail
guide wire for knail  ,,,,,
guide wire forceps
guide wire introducer with four peg
guide wire introducer with four pegs
guide wire simple   
guide wire sleeve    pointer handle wrench  
h - plate for cervical spine
h shape plate
half ring external fixator (standard) for tibia and fibula
half rings
half rings :   
hammer for extractor rod     
hand  electric drill machine
handle with quick coupling 
handle with sschuch  key
handle wrench  distal jig  bolt for distal jig  
handle wrench  spanner  
harringn hook  upper/lower sharp  blunt 
harringn hook sharp / blunt
harringn instruments
harringn punch
harringn rod    
harringn rod bender
harringn rod cutter
Harrington hook
Harrington hooks  
Harrington rod
Harrington rods  
hart shell pusher with fiber handle
hart shells
hart shells   difference of  
head impacr aluminum handle
head impacr fiber handle
Herbert screw cannulated
hey grove bone holding forceps
hey groves bone holding forceps 
hinge female
hinge male
hip prosthesis  
hohman retractor
hohmann retractor
holding clip
holding forceps 
holding forceps for circlage wire
holding forceps for tibial edge fragment- 0mm
holding sleeve
hollow mill set of three
hook holding forceps
hook plate  up  
hook plate mm with dc holes
hook pusher curved
hook pusher straight
hook spreader
Hudson brace 
Hudson conical burr ,,,
Hudson instruments set
Hudson performer ,,
Hudson spherical burr ,,,,
humerous external fixator
humerUS interlocking nail dia    
humerus nail  
humerus nail instruments set
hy groves bone holding forceps 
hyper tibia nail instruments set
i plate
ilizarov external fixator  
ilizarov set - large
ilizarov set - medium
ilizarov set - small
ilizarov wires
impacr for square nail size ,,
impacr for ten
initial incision retracr with weight  chain
initial incision retractor with weight & chain
inner screw, titanium
insert drill sleeve 
inserter for elastic nail ram and ram rod
insertion / driving head
instrument for femoral head
instrument for steefee
instrument set 0mm cannulated cancellous screws
instrument set elastic nail
instrument set ender's nail
instrument set for interlocking for tibia  femur nail 
instrument set for interlocking nails
instrument set for large cannulated set
instrument set for large fragment
instrument set for nailing 
instrument set for nailing  
instrument set for small cannulated set
instrument set for small fragment
instruments boxes 
instruments for  cannulated screws 
instruments for dhs collar plate 
instruments for femoral head
instruments for gigli
instruments for Harrington
instruments for hart shell frame
instruments for inserter locking nails humerus
instruments for knee surgery
instruments for kuntscher nails
instruments for removal of broken nails 
instruments for sp nail / jewett nail
instruments for spine surgery
instruments for square nail
instruments for square nails
instruments for staples
instruments for steffee
instruments for unilateral multi function external fixator
instruments of anchor screws 
instruments of bipolar prosthesis 
instruments of delta tibia  femur nails 
instruments of Herbert screws 
instruments of large fragment locking implants 
instruments of pfn / tfn nails 
instruments of small fragment locking implants 
instruments of titanium elastic nails 
instruments of uhn nails 
instruments of utn nails 
instruments set for maxillofacial bone plating
inter locking screw 
interference screws
interlocking bolts  
interlocking drill bit plain
interlocking drill bit quick coupling
interlocking nail
interlocking nail - femur nailing system, reamed
interlocking nail - tibia , reamed
interlocking nail - tibia, reamed
interlocking nails  
intermaxillary fixation screws (imf) with hole dia mm
intraoral mini distractor
Italian arch ,,
jess fixator with threaded pins
jewett nail plates
jewett nail plates  
judget head extractor
jumbo wire cutter
k nail driver 
k nail extractor with two hooks
k nail impacr
k nail instruments
k nail measuring gauge
k nail reamer   
k wire bender
k wire introducer
k wire tracTOR
kirschner wires
kirschner wires  
kirshner wire with trocar tip kware
knee braces  
knee hammers  
knee joint external fixator
knee retractor  
Knowles pin
knurling rod l  z type
kuntscher clover leaf - nails, tibia double bend
kuntscher cloverleaf nail
kuntscher cloverleaf nails one third length of nail bent
kuntscher cloverleaf nails, femur
kuntscher cloverleaf nails, tibia - short bend
kuntscher nails  
kwire bender
kwire introducer - for  & 0mm wires
kwire tractor
l - buttress plates
l - plate for mm screws
l plates  
l shape plates 0deg oblique with bar 0mm
l shape plates 0deg oblique with bar mm
l shape plates 0deg wit bar 0mm
l shape plates 0deg with bar mm
lag screw dia  mm
lag screw dia mm
lagenback retracr large
lagenback retracr medium
lagenback retracr small
lagenback retractors
lamina spreader 
laminar hook, titanium
laminectomy instruments  
lane bone holding forceps with ratchet
lane's bone holding forceps with ratchet 
lane's bone lever
large cannulated cancellous instrument set
large cannulated cancellous screws, 0mm dia, mm thread
large cannulated cancellous screws, 0mm dia, mm thread, self-drilling
large cannulated screws –dia  –   threaded/partially threaded/fully threaded
large depth gauge
large external fixator set - h series
large Lowman’s bone holding forceps  for femur
large neutral and loaded drill guide
lateral tibial head buttress plate
lateral tibial head buttress plate  
lc-dcp broad
lc-dcp narrow
lc-dcp small
l'connecting rod large
l'connecting rod small
lcp anamical distal tibia      
lcp clavicle plate    
lcp dhs/dcs              
lcp distal dorsolateral humerus      
lcp distal femur   
lcp distal medial humerus      
lcp medial distal tibia      
lcp medial distal tibia m  
lcp metaphysical    
lcp metaphysical               
lcp olecranon    
lcp philos  
lcp plates  
lcp proximal femur     
lcp proximal humerus plate 
lcp proximal lateral tibia       
lcp proximal tibia  
lcp proximal tibia    
lecestre plate
leksell rongeur
leksell rongeur curved
lengthening plate, mm, broad
lengthening plate, mm, narrow,  holes
ligament knife
limited  contact  dynamic  compression  plate   broad
limited  contact  dynamic  compression  plate   narrow
link joint
locking  deg dcs plate gliding holes
locking /0 broad curved plate
locking adaption plate 
locking adaption plate 0
locking bolts, dia mm
locking calceneal plate 
locking cancellous screws 0mm dia, mm thread
locking cancellous screws dia 0mm, mm thread
locking cancellous screws mm dia,
locking cancellous screws mm dia, cannulated
locking cancellous screws mm dia, mm thread
locking cannulated screw dia 0mm, hexagonal head
locking cannulated screw dia mm
locking cloverleaf plates 
locking condylar buttress plates /0 plate
locking condylar plate 
locking condylar plate 0
locking condylar plate mm
locking dhs barrel plate, barrel length mm
locking dhs barrel plates
locking distal dorsal distal radius l-plate 
locking distal femur plate /0 plate
locking distal humeral plate medial
locking distal humerous plate /mm , 
locking distal humerous plate /mm , dorso lateral
locking distal tibia plate /, medial plate
locking distal tibia plate /0, medial
locking distal tibial plate  anterolateral plate
locking dorsal distal radius l-plate 
locking dorsal distal radius l-plates , oblique
locking dorsal distal radius plate , straight
locking dorsal distal radius t-plate , straight
locking drill sleeve
locking drill sleeve for lcp screw 
locking femoral plate medial distal plate
locking h-plate mm
locking lateral distal fibula plate /
locking lateral tibial head buttress plates
locking l-buttress plate /0
locking l-plate mm
locking l-plate mm oblique
locking medial distal tibia plate  without tab plate
locking medial proximal tibial plate  plate
locking medial proximal tibial plate /0 plate
locking metaphysical plate
locking metaphysical plate //0
locking metaphysical plate mm
locking olecranon plate 
locking pediatric hip plates , width  mm
locking pilon plate /, cruciform plate
locking plate /0 broad
locking plate /0, narrow
locking plate straight 
locking plate straight,  holes, /
locking plates  
locking plates - orthopedic implant
locking pliers
locking proximal diaphyseal humeral plate , long
locking proximal femoral plate /0
locking proximal humerous plate 
locking proximal lateral tibia plate /0 plate
locking proximal tibial plate , lateral plate
locking proximal tibial plate /0 lateral plate
locking quarter tubular plate mm
locking reconstruction j-plate  with coaxial combo holes
locking reconstruction plate
locking reconstruction plate  round holes, straight
locking reconstruction plate  with coaxial combo holes, straight
locking reconstruction plate mm
locking screw box  size *
locking screw box size *
locking screw dia 0mm , self-drilling, self-tapping
locking screw dia 0mm, self-tapping
locking screw dia 0mm, self-tapping, hexagonal head
locking screw dia mm (head ), self-tapping
locking screw dia mm, self tapping
locking screw dia mm, self-drilling
locking screw dia mm, self-tapping
locking screw dia mm, self-tapping, hexagonal head
locking screw dia mm, self-tapping, hexagonal head, cannulated
locking screw for anterior convergent plate & titanium
locking small plate mm
locking small t - plates
locking small t plate for mm screw
locking straight plate  mm
locking straight plate 0
locking superior anterior clavicle plate 
locking symphyseal plate  with coaxial combo holes
locking t plate
locking t plate , right-angled
locking t-adaption plate 
locking t-adaption plate 0
locking t-buttress plate
locking tibial head plate lateral proximal
locking tibial head plate medial proximal plate
locking t-plate 
locking t-plate 0
locking t-plate mm
locking volar dia-metaphysical distal radius plate /, extraarticular
locking volar distal radius buttress plate 
locking volar distal radius plate , extraarticular
locking volar distal radius plate , extraarticular, extra-long
locking volar distal radius plate , juxta- auricular
locking x-plate / for foot
locking y-adaption plate 
long connecting plate
long coupling screw for screw removal
long forceps for twisting wires
Lowman bone holding clamp
m triple action reamer  qc  suitable for man man drill   
malleolar &  cacellous screws 
malleolar forceps 
malleolar forceps - 0mm
malleolar screw dia mm
malleolar screws  
malleolar screws –dia   with hexagonal head
malleolar screws mm dia
maniscus forceps
martin cartilage clamp
martin's cartilage clamp
maxillofacial implants  
McDowell’s dissecr
McDowell’s dissector
measuring gauge for prosthesis
medical implants
medical instrument
medical instruments
medical surgical instrument
medium Lowman’s bone holding forceps  for tibia
medullary tube 
micro bone drill machine with sschuch  key closed
micro bone drill machine with sschuch  key open
micro hand drill with ss gears
micro open hand drill with ss gears
mini bone plates continuous holes 0mm
mini bone plates continuous holes mm
mini bone plates with bar 0mm
mini bone plates with bar mm
mini chisel size      
mini cortical screws dia  //self tapping
mini depth gauges
mini distracr for forearms 
mini fragment external fixator (finger and palm)
mini infant hip plate  deg with forked blade
mini Lowman’s bone holding forceps for forearms
mini l-plate for mm screws
mini neutral and loaded drill guide
mini plate bender
mini screws cross slot head
mini screws cross slot head with self cutting flute dia mm
mini screws cross slot head with self cutting flute, dia mm
mini screws single slot head regular dia  mm
mini screws single slot head regular dia mm
mini straight plates
mini straight plates for  mm screws
mini straight plates for mm screws
mini t-plate for mm screws
mirror box  
miss nails  
mm dcp plates
mm dcp plates, broad
mm dcp plates, narrow
mm pelvic reconstruction plates - curved
mm pelvic reconstruction plates, curved
mm small dcp plates
mm straight pelvic reconstruction plates
monoaxial screws  
monoaxial single locking screw, titanium
moores hollow chisel ss
moores hollow chisel with fiber handle
multi fix nail - femur, reamed
multi fix nail - femur, unreamed
multiracial crosslink, titanium
multy pin fix plate
murrhy lane bone skid
nail holding bolt
nail reamer  
nerve root dissecr
nerve root dissector
nerve root retracrdownward
nerve root retracrstraight
nerve root retracrupward
nerve root retractor
new bipolar prosthesis xl
nose plate h
nose plate x shape 0h
nose pliers cum wire bender cum wire cutter
nose pliers cum wire bender cum wire cutter`
oblique pelvic reduction forceps, large 
oblique pelvic reduction forceps, small 
oblique support
olive wire bay not point
one third tubular plate  
one third tubular plate for mm screws
one third tubular plate with collar
orbital plates continuous holes 0mm
orbital plates continuous holes mm
orbital plates with bar 0mm
orbital plates with bar mm
orthopedic braces  
orthopedic cast padding
orthopedic cast padding  
orthopedic corsets  
orthopedic extension device  
orthopedic footwear  
orthopedic implants
orthopedic implants  
orthopedic implants plates  
orthopedic instruments
orthopedic instruments  
orthopedic locking plates  
orthopedic pillow  
orthopedic roll splint  
orthopedic shoes  
orthopedic spanner  
orthopedic staple  
orthopedic surgical instruments  
orthopedic trauma implants  
orthotic devices  
oscillating saw system  
osteome with fiber handle st/cur ,,,,  
osteotomes with fiber handle - curved
osteotomes with fiber handle - straight
out riger
parallel guide wire
patella bone holding forceps
patella holding forceps  four prong
pediatric  degree dcs plate
pediatric dhs instruments 
pediatric dhs plate
pediatric dhs/dcs lag screw
pediatric hip plates 0, width  mm
pediatric maxillary distractor
pedicle hook, titanium
pedicle hooks  
pedicle screw  
pelvic external fixation i
pelvic external fixation ii
pelvic external fixator
pelvic fragment external fixator
pelvic instruments set
pelvic reduction forceps
pelvic reduction forceps for screw small, large
pelvic reduction forceps small ,large
pelvic reduction forceps, with two angled ball tips, speed lock, length 
periosteal elevar st/cuwith fiber handle
periosteal elevar st/cuwith ss handle
periosteal elevator with fiber handle st / curved  
periosteal elevators - curved
periosteal elevators - straight
pfn nails  
pfn screw box for bolt size  and 
plaster bender
plaster bender     
plaster cutting instrument
plaster cutting instruments  
plaster knife  
plaster opener - daw's
plaster opener daw
plaster saw  
plaster saw  Bergman
plaster saw  Engel
plaster saw  heavy handle
plaster saw Bergman
plaster saw Engel
plaster saw heavy handle
plaster shear  bohler's
plaster shear - bohler's
plaster shear - gay's
plaster shear - stile’s
plaster shear gay's
plaster shear stile’s
plaster spreader
plate bender  large pair
plate bender small pair
plate bending press
plate tension device standard size
pliers cum wire bender
pliers cum wire bender cum wire cutter
plug cap for humerUS i/l nail
pneumatic rrniquet set with hand pump and three cuffs
pneumatic tourniquet set
pneumatic tourniquet set  
pointed drill guide with tap sleeve , drill sleeve 
pointer  handle wrench  
polyaxial screw  
polyaxial single locking screw, titanium
pop bandage
post female / post male
protection sleeve 
protection sleeve  
protection sleeve    no  drill sleeve    
protection sleeve  drill sleeve    
protection sleeve  no  
protection sleeve  no  drill sleeve    
proximal femoral fragment external fixator
proximal femoral hook plate /0
proximal femoral nail (pfn) instruments set
proximal femoral nail (pfn), long
proximal femoral nail (pfn), short
proximal humer,condylus external fixator
proximal jig for tibia  femur nail
proximal reamer   
proximal reamer   handle for drill bits  
proximal tibial fragment external fixator
punch forceps
punch forceps  angledowncutting
punch forceps  angleupcutting
punch forceps  degree angle
punch forcepslargedowncutting
punch forcepslargeupcutting
punch forcepssmalldowncutting
punch forcepssmallupcutting
qc screw driver qc 
quadrangular positioning plate
quarter tubular plate for mm
quick coupling handle for dhs/dcs
quick coupling holder with fiber handle 
radius fixator
rasps for Austin  moore standard stem, narrow stem, broad stem
rasps for Thompson standard ,narrow and broad stem
reamer for  pfn / ten     
reamer perthes
reaming hand piece  
recon nail  
recon nail instruments set
recon plate bender for , and   
reconstruction nail  
reconstruction plate   straight
reconstruction plate  straight
reconstruction plate  with locking system
reconstruction plates
reconstruction plates  
reduction forceps  
reduction forceps - pointed ratchet locking
reduction forceps - pointed speed locking
reduction forceps - serrated
reduction forceps pointed ratchet lock
reduction forceps pointed speed lock
reduction forceps serrated jaw speed lock
reduction forceps serrated ratchet lock
reduction screws  
reduction single locking screw, titanium
rib spreader
right angle retractor
ring curette
ring fixator  
rod cutter
rod cutter titanium
rod dia 0mm, titanium
rod dia mm, titanium
rod type toothed ring external fixator
roller plate bender 
round hear  ram 
roy Camille plate
rush nail impacr /extractor
rush nails
s drill bits   ss all size  
sacral rod with six nuts
sacral screw  
schanz pin introducer
schanz screws  
schanze pin bolt
screw box
screw box for large fragment
screw box for large fragment locking screws
screw box for metaphysical locking plate 
screw box for mipo locking plate surgery 
screw box for proximal femur locking plate 
screw box for proximal humerus locking plate 
screw box for small fragment
screw box for small fragment locking screws
screw driver
screw driver     
screw driver cannulated  
screw driver cannulated quick coupling end  
screw driver cross slot with  attachments for ,0,mm
screw driver for  hexagonal large
screw driver for interlocking   extra large with t handle
screw driver for single slot screws, fiber handle
screw driver quick coupling end  
screw driver rque limiting      
screw driver self holding for single slot screws, fiber handle
screw driver with holding sleeve     
screw holding forceps
screw holding forceps  
screw removing forceps
seating chisel
self centering  bone holding forceps  
self centering bone holding forceps
self retaining ret without hinge /masid retracr 
self retaining retracrs extra large  /
self retaining retracrs large  /
self retaining retracrs medium  /
self retaining retracrs small /
self retaining retractor extra large  long     
self retaining retractors
semi tubular plate  
semi tubular plate/one third tubular plate
semi tubular plates heavy duty
shaft screw for lc-dcp, dia  mm
shaft screw for lc-dcp, dia mm
shaft screws  
shaft screws –lcdcp,
shaft screws –lcdcp, 
shanz screw pin
shanz screw pin   dia length 
sharp hook
Sherman plate
short connecting plate
single prong straight & curved 
single prong with bolt tip straight & curved 
skin grafting instruments
skin grafting knife
skin grafting knife large
skin grafting knife small
skin hook single pronged
skin hook three pronged
skin hook two pronged
skin hooks
skull traction tongs  
slide hear for k nail extractor set
slotted bold
slotted hear
slotted washer
small cannulated cancellous screw 0mm dia - full thread
small cannulated cancellous screw 0mm dia short thread
small distracr for femur
small distracr for tibia
small external fixator set - h series
small heck saw with two blades
small Lowman’s bone holding forceps   for humerus
small neutral and loaded drill guide
small t - plates, oblique angled for right radius
small t plate/plate/oblique  with locking system 
small t-plates, oblique angled for left radius
small t-plates, right angled  holes in head
smile knee joint retractor of six
smile manicus knife set of three
smillie's knee joint retractor (set of six)
smillie's maniscus knife (set of three)
spacing washer     
spare bit
spare burrs for crutch field tong
spare hook for extractor
spare ss chuck & key
spare ss chuck & key     
spare ss key and chunk
speed lock 
spinal arches (veterinary)
spinal curette
spinal hook  
spinal implants  
spinal instruments  
spinal retractor  
spinal roungers
spine distracr
spine implants
spine instrument set
spine instruments
spine rod  
spine screw box
splitifix plate
spoon plate
spoon plates
spring plate 
square nail for radius
square nail for radius & ulna
square nail for ulna
square nail hook extractor ,,,
square nail reamer size ,,,,
sssutur wire ,,,,,,, gauge
stainless steel suture wire
stainless steel suture wires sswires
staple anterior fixation, titanium
steffee awl
steffee distracr
steffee introducer ,
steffee plate  
steffee plates
steffee plates  
steffee screw tap dia   
steffee screws
steffee screws  
steffee wrench ,
Steinman pin
Steinman pin   dia length  
Steinman pin holder 
Steinman pin holder/bohler's stirrup
Steinman pin introducer
Steinman pins
Steinman pins  
Steinmann pin holder / bohler stirrup
Steinmann pin introducer with ss chuck & key
sterilization box/tube
sterilization tube  / dia length 
straight external fixator
straight pelvic reduction forceps with three ball tips, 
straight pelvic reduction forceps, ,, two balls pointed
straight reconstruction plate  mm
straight reconstruction plate for mm screws
straight type external fixator
superior anterior clavicle plate
supra condylar nail 
supracondylar of femur external fixator
surgical disposables
surgical implants
surgical instruments
suture wise with tension meter  tissue holder 
t - buttress plate for mm screws
t - plate for mm screws
t  plate/oblique plate/l plate  /
t & f  bone awl  tissue protector  proximal reamer    
t drill bits   ss  for mini screw titanium coated  all size  
t long handle with quick coupling holder  
t plate /buttress/oblique with locking systems
t plates  
t shape plates with bar 0mm
t shape plates with bar mm
t torque limiting screw driver  for locking screw  
t type external fixator
tap for dhs screw qc  suitable for man man drill   
tap for screw fixation /dhs tap
tap sleeve   ,  
telescopic rods
tense nail  
t-handle for Steinman pins
t-handle with chuck
Thompson bipolar hip prosthesis
Thompson hip prosthesis
Thompson hip prosthesis extra long
Thompson hip prosthesis regular finish
Thompson hip prosthesis satin finish
Thompson hip prosthesis with collar satin finish
Thompson hip prosthesis with collar standard finish
Thompson hip prosthesis with extraction hole
Thompson prosthesis  
threaded bolt   hear unit with nut  jig  
threaded bolt   hear unit with nut  jig  no 
threaded bolt  introducer hear unit   jig  
threaded bolt  jig  extractor rod  round hear  
threaded bolt with sleeve  compression device  
threaded ccdrill bits q/c   
threaded kirschner wire
threaded kwire 
threaded rod per inch dia 
threaded socket
tibia lengthening external fixator
tibia nails  
tibial nail  
tissue protect
tissue protector  bone awl  
tissue protector  depth gauge t & f  canulated reamer 
titanium bone locking plates  
titanium bone screw  
titanium elastic nail
titanium screw  
tmj condyle
tmj condyle with reconstruction angular plate
torque screw driver
total hip replacement-c instrument set
total hip replacement-m instrument set
trans verse clamp
transverse connector, titanium
transverse process hook, titanium
triangler positioning plate set of three
triple car large
triple car small/medium
triple drill guide
triple drill guide  degree
t-shape type external fixator
tube  tube clamp
tuberositas external fixator
tubular external fixator
tubular plates  
tuder Edward bone cutting forceps
Tudor Edward bone cutting forceps
twin clamp straight/curved
twisted plate
u  staple inserter
u  type staple 
u staple extractor
unilateral external fixator
unilateral finger external fixator
universal bone drill machine with sschuch  key close gear
universal bone drill machine with sschuch  key open gear
universal bone drill with ss gears
universal femoral nail - reamed
universal femoral nail - unreamed
universal open hand drill with ss gears
universal tibia interlocking nail                             
universal tibia nail - unreamed
v nails
vertical alveolar distractor
vertical alveolar distractor  degree angular spanner
vertical alveolar distractor with additional support plate
view all
Volkmann’s retracrs four/five prong
Volkmann’s retracrs two/three prong
Volkmann’s retractor
washer for  cascelleous screw
washer for  malleolar    cancelleous washer
washers for 0mm cancellous screw
weeknight plates
wire cutter
wire cutter double action  length
wire cutter heavy handle
wire fixation boltcannulated ,slotted
wire holding forceps for circlage wire
wire instrument set
wire instruments
wire mesh 0mm thickness
wire passer
wire passer small med, large
wire simple   x
wire tentioner dynamic
wire tentioner graduated
wire tighter cum twister
wire tighter with two pegs
wire twister - circular
wire twister circular
with screw holding forceps 
wrench for dhs screw
wrencho cube
wrist braces  
x shape plates 0mm
x shape plates mm
y  plate  
y - reconstruction plates
y shape plates 0mm
y shape plates mm
z shape plate
z'connecting rod large
z'connecting rod small